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Gas Powered Blender

Friday, April 15th, 2005

gas powered blenderMy roommate Frosty has often joked about how many lawnmowers and weedeaters his dad has laying around. It seems that his dad has decided to take care of the clutter and I, for one, am scared. Yes my friends, a gas powered blender. It has been done before, but you’ve got to respect Greg’s scratch building prowess. Finally you can vaporize ice in mere seconds and with the way the handle bars are mounted it’s gauranteed to make the goofying process far more intimate than usual. By my count this means he still has four more engines in the garage; I don’t know what’s next, but god help us all.

Porco Rosso

Thursday, April 14th, 2005

porco rosso imageIf you see just one period drama about a human-pig hybrid bounty-hunter seaplane pilot this year, make it Porco Rosso (torrent). This is a cute Miyazaki film from 1992. The movie is incredibly silly and not really what you would expect if you’ve seen Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away. It is a fun diversion and definitely worth the time, but I doubt I’ll be view this again any time soon. It certainly treated me better than Closer, which I’m watching right now; the too-clever dialog is driving me up the wall.

Subaru STi-powered ATV

Thursday, April 14th, 2005

sti atvJalopnik has a cute little piece of insanity. A Subaru STi-powered ATV is just the ticket for a quick trip straight into a coffin. It would be nice if some one built a kit like this: just bolt in the sti power train and then feel free to construct any sort of body you want. I think we’d end up with some better designs than GM’s skateboard concept.

Buy Your Laptops NOW!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

600m laptopStarting at 8am CST Wednesday April 13th Dell is offering great deals on laptops. Techbargains has all the details you need.

I used a similar offer last fall to get my laptop. It works like this: Configure the laptop till the price exceeds $1499. Then use the coupon code to get $750 off the price, plus free shipping. Make sure you read the details at Techbargains. Last time they did this the deal only lasted during buisness hours and some of the models were only offered till 10am so jump on this.

I have 600m that is now happily running Gentoo. If you get a 600m go for the SXGA+ screen; with its 1400×1050 resolution it is beautiful. If you want to run Linux get the Intel 2200 for the best b/g wireless networking. I hope someone gets a good deal out of this.

Oil Computer

Monday, April 11th, 2005

computer submerged in oilThis showed up in the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter. The site is in German, but here’s the Google translation. Which explains the situation like this:

  1. Don’t try this at home “leave the fingers of it better!”
  2. Completely immersed in vegetable oil, because it doesn’t conduct “oil no river leads”
  3. The computer was working before but was nothing special “computer eat nix special”
  4. People keep asking him questions: Why? He was drunk
  5. He researched it and found others with the same idea
  6. It seemed to work well so he tried it, and it worked “funtzt”
  7. The benefit is that the computer is really quiet
  8. He left the fans in to circulate the oil
  9. Someone has had one of these operating for over a year
  10. Capillary action will cause the oil to crawl out of the tank so watch out

Here are some more pictures. Ah, beer, lubricant of the mind; I’m sure that hookah sitting behind the tank played no small part, too.

How to Blow 30 Dollars

Monday, April 11th, 2005

coop figureMy taxes are now done and because I’m exceedingly poor I got all of my withholdings back… all $30 dollars of them. Instead of spending my money on sexy vinyl figs (some other time Coop), I headed towards Amazon to check out tomorrow’s new releases.

  • Bad Education – I had seen Almodóvar’s previous two films so i wasn’t really caught off guard when this movie opened with two guys fellating each other, but I don’t think I need a hard copy of that; I’ll pass on this.
  • Harvey Birdman Vol. 1 – I really like this series. Old Hannah-Barbera characters are put into troubling legal situations and are then misrepresented by Birdman. I’ll probably pick this one up when I’ve got some free time this summer.
  • Mindless Self Indulgence – You’ll Rebel to Anything I played their first album for a friend once and he declared it “The future of music”. I’d be inclined to agree if it didn’t sound like Jimmy Urine was going to have heart attack at the end of each song. The tagline for that album was “30 songs in 60 minutes, one them has to be good!” If you ever get a chance to hear these guys, go for it, they will steal the show. I’m not sure if they will ever put out an album that lives up to the first one though.

Looking over my options I think I’ll hang on to my money a little longer. Maybe I’ll get it changed into 30 $1 bills and hide them in the 30 different pockets. Then everyday for a month I can find one and feel like a winner!

Time-Traveling Shoes

Sunday, April 10th, 2005

chuck taylor sliponsWell, I was hoping I would be able to tell you about my new Slip-on Chucks I ordered from Zappos when they arrived next Tuesday, but they’ve been sent BACK IN TIME!. I got an email the same day I ordered saying they had upgraded my free shipping so I would get my shoes faster and from the tracking number it looks like I would have gotten my shoes back in January if I lived in Stafford, Texas. Gladly I don’t, but at least I know that my shoes will arrive at any moment since they’ve now had three months to get here. I just want to get my shoes so I can put them on and declare “Summer, I endorse you, denouncing all other seasons, you are the only season for me”.


Saturday, April 9th, 2005

hg2g book coverI saw the tv spot for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I had seen the trailer a couple weeks ago and thought it looked great. Seeing the spot this morning prompted me to grab the copy out of my bedroom and start reading in anticipation of the April 29 release. It came in usefull later when my mom read me the haiku she had constructed; I responded “Never let a Vogon read poetry at you”.

UPDATE: Adam’s biographer says the movie sucks, I haven’t read superfan’s review (spoilers before the release, what an ass), but I did finish the book so at least a little good came out of this.

Ski Jacket with iPod Controls

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

spyder ski jacketI’d be more excited about this ski jacket with fabric iPod controls from Spyder if Burton and Apple hadn’t released one two years earlier. It looks like Spyder managed to bump the jacket price six-fold arriving at $3,000. I guess they do throw in an iPod Photo which means the jacket is only five-times more expensive than the limited edition Burton jacket. I like the soft button technology, but I won’t be foaming at the mouth till someone bothers to integrate a soft bluetooth keyboard into my pants.

Definitely Fake

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

louis vuitton fakeI’ve hated Louis Vuitton bags ever since VH1 decided to tell the world they were cool in one of their “crap that celebrities buy” shows. It isn’t just the Hilfiger-esque excessive badging, but also that the bag looks like it’s covered in Lucky Charms. Since its jump into the mainstream eye everyone without a clue has been snatching up Vuittons and the many knockoffs that have hit the market. I absolutely love this obvious fake found on Cool Hunting. Nothing like the truth to show up a poseur.

UPDATE: For those people still buying Vuitton bags, Zappos just sent out a newsletter announcing that they’ve got the newest Ugg boots in.