CasshernCasshern (torrent) is another “digital backlot” movie. Head over to IMDB to get the plot summary. I didn’t read it till afterwords; I did try to explain it to my roommate using words like: stem cells, primordial Kool-Aid, Castle Greyskull, and Cobra Commander. Seriously, it is that bizarre. If you have a high tolerance for anime action, sci-fi weirdness, and lessons for all humanity go ahead and check out this movie. For everyone else you should check out something fun like Sky Captain… and leave this depressing movie to the fetishists who enjoy gratuitous use cogs and propellers. That heavy plot isn’t hard to follow, but I think not having to read subtitles would probably make the melodrama a lot more bearable. As one review put it: this 140 minute film is “exhausting”.

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  1. Frosty says:

    You forgot to mention Super Shredder!

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